The capital Prague

The capital Prague takes up an area of 65 m2 and you can see there more than 1600 various figures and 165 metres of tracks where 7 train sets go.

The capital Prague – heart of Europe at your fingertips

Prague CastleŽižkov television tower looms over Prague and a few metres further, there is the Prague Castle. Central station is naturally the centre from which trains go to Kolín, Děčín and Ústí nad Labem and Pilsen. Střešovice tram depot will also catch your interest as well as functional tram operation in the area of Smíchov. The centre of movement of movable cars are naturally D1 and D5 motorways from which buses come to the central bus station at Florenc.

Prague landmarks

Prague Castle

Prague Castle - The capital Prague

Prague Castle was founded around 880 by the duke Bořivoj, from the Přemyslids. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Prague castle is the biggest castle compound of the world, its area has up to 70 000 metres squared.

The following belong among the premises of Prague Castle that can be visited: Old Royal Palace, Basilica of St. George, Golden Lane, Prague Castle Picture Gallery, Powder Tower, St. Vitus Cathedral, Rosenberg palace and the Great Southern Tower of the Cathedral. Ceremonial exchange of guards takes place here, at 12 o’clock on the first courtyard and this is what gives the right atmosphere to visitors. When you visit the Castle, you can also use the services of a professional guide who will provide you with all the essential information related to Prague Castle premises.

Petřín outlook tower

Petřín outlook tower - The capital Prague

The hill of Petřín stretches in the centre of Prague. You can set out for a nice walk on its steep and less steep paths. Especially when trees are in blossom, it is a very charming place where couples in love have their rendezvous. If you are lazy, you can use the cable loft to come to the top of the hill – a ticket used in public transport is valid here. There used to be an execution ground, next to the Church of St. Lawrence. Nowadays you can find more pleasant attractions - –for example mirror labyrinth, The Štefánik Observatory or the Outlook tower. Petřín outlook tower is 63 and a half metre tall and inside it there is a staircase with 299 steps. Its construction was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. When the weather is sunny, you can see the Říp and the Giant Mountains.


Vyšehrad - The capital Prague

Another magical place where to go for walks in Prague is Vyšehrad. There is the church of St. peter and Paul, next to it lies the national cemetery of Slavín where graves of significant Czech personalities are. Due to its high position, there is a beautiful view from Vyšehrad around the town. You can see many interesting things in the big park – there is a gallery, gothic cellar, Cihelná gate, the Old Burgrave´s Residence and also Summer Theatre – an amphitheatre, where there are various performances when it is season for it. Vyšehrad was built as a fortification on the rock above the Vltava river – by Krok, the duke, according to the legend. Another legend related to Vyšehrad known by many kids and adults is a legend of Horymír and his horse Šemík . Horymír was imprisoned at Vyšehrad and his last wish before death was to ride his horse – with it he jumped across the forts straight to the Vltava and that is how he saved his life.

Staropramen brewery

Staropramen brewery - The capital Prague

When daddy wants to have a beer when watching football on TV and mom wants to have a refreshing fruit beer in various flavours, they can go and get it in Staropramen brewery on any day – also in the evening. There is the so-called beer emergency, where you can borrow various things necessary for celebration, for example a grill and where you can get beer. Staropramen brewery is one of the biggest in the Czech Republic and beer is exported from there to many countries of the world.

Velká Chuchle racing

Velká Chuchle racing - The capital Prague

The Stallions set out to see horse racing in Velká Chuchle one Sunday afternoon. They took a train from the Central station to Velká Chuchle station where they walked only a few metres because the racing is right opposite the station. Races are common here almost every Sunday afternoon from April to October already since 1906.

The capital Prague – model of railway in numbers

  • Illustrated area – 65 m2
  • The length of tracks– 165 metres
  • Number of static cars– 204
  • Number of moving cars – 2
  • Number of train sets– 7
  • Number of buildings – 187
  • Number of shining street or station lamps – 323
  • Number of figures – 3330
  • Number of trees – 1630

The Model of Prague

The Model of Prague

Visit the unique urban model of Prague in the scale of 1:1000, which is available within the range of the Kingdom of Railways exposition. The model is constructed in cooperation with the capital Prague and it can be visited also separately. The model covers not only the historical centre but also a major part of the built-in area of the city and its today’s size is respectable 115.5 square metres, representing 11 812 hectares in reality. It is an area covering 23 625 football pitches! The development of the city and placement of new buildings in Prague was decided upon according to our model for almost thirty years.