Pilsen region

Pilsen region takes up an area of 117 m2 and you can see there 95 new buildings, 1 830 various figures, and 260 metres of tracks where there are 11 train sets. There are trams in the centre of Pilsen at the Kingdom of Railways.

Pilsen Central Station, get on!

Pilsen Central Station

The track leading from Karlovy Vary region is extended to the station Pilsen Central Station and then to Sušice. . Model of the region represents a landscape with the cities of Pilsen, Domažlice, Klatovy and Sušice. On the contrary to the previous models of Ústí nad Labem and Karlovy Vary regions, this part is focused especially on landscape , without big city agglomerations and industrial plants. The emphasis is placed in particular on natural sceneries and farming. Similarly to reality, we stress out cattle breeding and wood mining in the model. When it comes to landmarks of the Pilsen region, there is a rotund of St. Peter and Paul, ruin of Radyně, Švihov water castle, Rabí castle ruins or outlook tower with Svatobor restaurant.

The whole landscape is also supplied by new action scenes which visitors can individually control. You can also spin the rotor of the helicopter, cut down a tree, control pecking hens or dancers on the dance floor.

An absolute novelty on the tracks of the Pilsen region, there is a separate tram operation in Pilsen where there are two tram lines in operation.

Pilsen region landmarks

Radyně castle

Radyně castle - Region Pilsen

Karlskrone royal castle was built around year 1360 under the reign of Charles IV. Its German name did not work and people started calling it according to the hill where the castle stands – Radyně. The castle often changed its owner and in the half of the 16th century, it was completely deserted. It might be owing to legends where numerous monsters are mentioned.

Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell - Region Pilsen

Probably the most famous Czech brewery is Pilsner Urquell. And the reason is especially the long tradition of brewing beer in Pilsen. The so-called brewing right was awarded to Pilsen citizens already by Czech and Polish king Wenceslas II in 1295. Beer used to be brewed here in numerous smaller and bigger plants for centuries but its quality, however, was very variable. Therefore the city decided to invest to the construction of municipal brewery. The first dose of beer of the so-called Bavarian type was presented to the society in October 1842. The registered trademark - Pilsner Urquell – was granted to Pilsner beer in 1989.

Dobříkov viaduct

Dobříkov viaduct - Region Pilsen

Hans and Gretel boasted to their friends that they had gone for a walk with their parents around Loučim. Their daddy told them that their great-great-grandfather worked at Dobříkov railway viaduct. He got this job in November of 1886 when the construction of an important track started. Today it has number 185 and it leads from Domažlice through Klatovy to Horažovice. That is where it connects to the track Pilsen – České Budějovice. The children were all silent when they were walking with their parents on the field path and they saw how tall and monumental it is.

Pilsen region – model of railway in numbers

  • Illustrated area – 117 m2
  • Length of tracks– 260 metres
  • Number of static cars– 215 out of which 100 lit
  • Number of moving cars – 6
  • Number of tram lines– 2
  • Number of train sets– 11
  • Number of buildings – 95
  • Number of lit street or station lamps – 371
  • Number of figures– 1830
  • Number of trees – 1180