Karlovy Vary region

Karlovy Vary region takes up an area of 51 m2 and you can see 125 new buildings in it, 1 150 various figures and 120 metres of tracks where there are 9 train sets travelling.

Loket castle, colonnade and many tracks

Karlovy Vary International film festival

The track leading from Ústí nad Labem region is extended via Ervěnický viaduct to the stations Karlovy Vary the upper station, Mariánské Lázně and then to the cargo station in Pilsen. One of the landmarks of this region is definitely the ongoing International film festival. You can see the main scene at the Thermal hotel in the model and its surroundings, authentic decoration of the hotel and the centre of the city, hundreds of festival visitors, welcome of film stars, TV crews, stalls, attractions, events and, naturally, a living legend of the festival Jiří Bartoška. Very interesting is the station of air rescue service by Mariánské Lázně with the landing of the rescue helicopter and ambulance cars. From other landmarks, you will see, for example, the castle of Loket, Three Crosses outlook or Kamzík, a rocky formation.

An absolute novelty on Karlovy Vary region tracks is the use of infra - red control of moving vehicles. The cars not only stop on the red light, give each other way at crossings, but the use of new technology enables also control of the distance of vehicles, slowing down, turning, giving way when a bus is coming from a stop. All the vehicles have also fully functional brake lights and blinkers.

Karlovy Vary landmarks

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary - Karlovy Vary region

Karlovy Vary statutory town is the main city in Karlovy Vary. It lies on the confluence of the Teplá and the Ohře rivers. It is our most famous spa centre. A picturesque city lying at the heart of the Krušné mountains is famous also by other products than only spa – spa wafers, Becherovka liquor, Karlovy Vary porcelain, mineral water and thermal salt.

The Thermal

The Thermal - Karlovy Vary region

The Thermal spa hotel is one of the biggest hotels in Karlovy Vary. It is located in near proximity of spa part of town, not far from colonnades with healing springs. Part of the hotel is also a unique thermal pool built in a rock with an average water temperature of 30°C. The hotel has the biggest congress centre available to the west from Prague and it is also a place where International film festival takes place. It moved there in 1978 and it stayed to this day.

Karlovy Vary region – model of railway in numbers

  • Illustrated area – 51m2
  • Length of tracks– 120 metres
  • Number of static cars– 100
  • Number of moving cars – 11
  • Number of train sets– 9
  • Number of buildings – 125
  • Forest area – 3.5 m2
  • Number of figures– 1150
  • Number of trees – 1580